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ESTA 2017 Award Winners-Project Descriptions

Award 1: Combined techniques

Award 1 Mammoet Combined Tech

Winner – Mammoet Europe


In November 2016, Mammoet completed the installation of the New Safe Confinement (NSC) building in Chernobyl, Ukraine. At 165 meters long, 260 meters wide and 110 meters tall, the NSC is the largest land-based movable

structure in the world. The 36,200 ton structure will contain the remains of the No. 4 unit at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant for the next 100 years. The plant exploded in a catastrophic fire in 1986.

 Mammoet was responsible for engineering and executing all of the jack-up and skidding operations, combining new and unique approaches.

 The company used 40 strand jacks with a capacity of 900 tons each to elevate the structure, and developed and built a dedicated skidding system, using 116 skid shoes, with a capacity of 703 tons each, to re-position the arch sections during construction and move the 36,200 ton structure to its final position.

 The arch was built in a special erection area’ – a decontaminated area at distance from the reactor – which meant that the construction activities could take place without endangering the crew’s health. The skidding system was also designed to be fully remote controlled, minimizing the amount of time that the crew had work near the reactor building while the confinement was positioned over the reactor during the final stage of the project.

Award 2: Transport – Trailer and Load under 120 tonnes GCW

Award 2 Mammoet Transport under120

Winner – Mammoet Europe

In June 2016 Mammoet transported the world’s longest wind turbine blade ever produced, from a factory in Lunderskov, Denmark to its testing location in Aalborg, Denmark. 

The blade, which was 88.4 meters long and weighed 60 tons, had to be transported 218 kilometers. No transport equipment had been designed for a project of this scale, and although Mammoet has extensive experience with the transportation of wind blades, this project posed unique challenges due to the blade’s unprecedented size.


Mammoet adapted equipment previously used to transport towers and ws able to complete this ground-breaking project safely and successfully, using tried and tested technology.

Award 3: Crane Job of the Year, listing capacity over 120 tonnes

Award 3 Nordic Crane over120

Winner – Nordic Crane Vest


Nordic Crane Vest was awarded the contract to deliver a Liebherr 500t mobile crane to an offshore drilling platform in the Valhall oil and gas field, 340km south of Stavanger, Norway, operated by British Petroleum (BP).  The mobile crane was needed to move an offshore crane from one pedestal on the east side of the platform to another on the west side.

For delivery, the mobile crane was disassembled into eleven parts and one equipment container. The total weight of the mobile crane was approximately 350 tonnes including 165 tonnes in counterweights and the spanlift boom system.

 To use the mobile crane as temporary equipment on a live oil and gas platform, additional safety systems had to be installed such as gas detection and automatic shutdown.

 This is the largest mobile crane Nordic Crane Vest has used on a live platform in the North Sea and - possibly - the first 500t mobile crane to be used on a live offshore drilling platform anywhere in the world.

Award 4: Safety

Winner – Fagioli

Fagioli was involved in the development of ESTA’s SPMT best practice guide

and, as a result, contacted a specialized e-learning company to develop its own e-learning training program to be used both for induction and for experienced SPMT operators.

 No such e-learning training exists, yet the topic is relevant for all companies active in heavy lifting and transport.  Aimed at operators, supervisors and engineers, the e-learning training can be used to set a standard for a safe way of working with SPMTs

Award 5: Innovation, end user

Award 5 Fagioli Innovation end user

Winner – Fagioli


Fagioli was involved in a challenging and tragic salvage of a 90 ton boat that had sunk in the Mediterranean sea, between Italy and Libya with the loss of many lives.

 The wreck lay 370 metres below sea level. Fagioli engineered a bespoke lifting and lowering structure to execute the salvage. Bad weather delayed the completion, but by June 27, the wreck – 30 metres long, 7 metres wide and 10 metres high - was lifted out of the sea and taken to Augusta port where it was unloaded into a refrigerated tension structure for safe recovery.


Award 6: Crane Job of the Year, lifting capacity under 120 tonnes

Award 6 Wagenborg Cranes under120

Winner – Wagenborg Nedlift


Wagenborg positioned a new footbridge and elevator shaft underneath the ‘Nelson Mandelabrug’ in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, an extremely complex job, due to the narrow location.

An AC40 compact crane positioned the bridge, weighing 8 tonnes, at a temporary location. Wagenborg deployed a second AC40 compact crane, to lift the bridge, in a tandem lift, up to a temporary support construction.

Before the bridge could be placed onto its final position, the elevator shaft, weighing 10,5 tonnes, had to be positioned. Wagenborg lifted, tilted and positioned the elevator shaft onto its narrow foundation, deploying both AC40 compact cranes and a cherry picker as tailing crane.

Finally, the bridge could be pulled/hoisted from its temporary spot behind the elevator shaft to its final position where Wagenborg lowered the bridge by using both cranes and jacking equipment.

Award 7 : Transport  - Trailer and Load over 120 tonnes GCW

Award 7 MTD Transport over120

Winner - MTD Skuratowicz


MTD Skuratowicz is a family company operating in the Polish transport market since 1981.

The company was asked to transport a 220 tonne chemical reactor – 50 metres long with a diameter of six metres - from the port of  Klaipėda, Lithuania, to a nitrogen plant based in Grodno, Belarus.

A detailed and thorough route analysis was carried out – covering all 576 kilometres in Lithuania and a further 398 in Belarus – that included inspecting every bridge, road sign and power line, and taking into account that the job would take place in winter, so the impact of snow and back ice on the road inclines had to be taken into account.

Goldhofer THP LT semi-trailers were used, forming a set of twenty

six axles in total, with a gooseneck-design front trolley of twelve axles and a fourteen-axle rear trolley controlled by a Goldhofer turntable, propelled by its own hydraulic power pack and installed on a front trolley manufactured by Greiner.

The weather was challenging with strong winds and temperatures falling below minus twenty degrees Celsius, creating slippery roads. However, they were prepared – they even a field kitchen so they could prepare their own hot meals, and arrived in Grodno as planned.

Award 8: Lattice Boom Crane Job of the Year

Award 8 Sarens Cranes Lattice Boom

Winner - Sarens BV


Sarens lifted two bridge elements - weighing 230t and 280t and about 30m in height - of the new Queen Maxima bridge in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands

 The equipment used included:

• Sarens’ twin-barges, Karel and Victor, with ballast pumps and winches to create a stable playform for lifting

• 140 tons hydraulic mobile crane

• 650 tons crawler crane; CC3800-1, SSL configuration with 60 meters mainboom and 300 tons superlift counter weight.

• The SAR-spin, a hydraulic leveling tool

 The crane was partially erected on the two twin-barges, which were connected upon arrival at the job site. Once connected, the twin-barges formed a stabile platform that was held level during the lifting operations with hydraulic driven ballast pumps.

Award 9: Innovation, manufacturer

Award 9 Enerpac Innovation Manuf

Winner – Enerpac Integrated Solutions


The ETL600 travel gantry combines the safety and efficiency of a hydraulic gantry with the ease of use of a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT).

With a lifting capacity of 60 tons, the travel gantry aims to set a new standard in equipment and container handling. Hydraulically propelled rubber tyres and

carousel turning, allow the travel gantry to move in any direction and in multiple environments.

Housing the diesel driven hydraulics within the gantry itself enhances mobility by eliminating hoses and ensuring an unobstructed and safe workspace.

All operations are controlled from the wireless controller and are automatically corrected by Enerpac’s unique software, automatically ensuring synchronous lifting. As an additional safety feature, the system will prevent a lift if it senses overload conditions.

The entire travel lift gantry can fit in a standard 40’ shipping container for transportation and storage.


Award 10: SPMT Job of the Year

Award 10 Sarens SPMT 1497358213

Winner – Sarens BV


Sarens BV won the SPMT job of the year for the moving and placement of a 255 metre long railway bridge weighing 8,400 tonnes over the A1 highway at Muiderberg in the Netherlands.

This was the heaviest railway bridge ever moved by road in the world and the longest single-span bridge across a motorway. The 8,400-tonne bridge had to be moved, on its temporary abutments, 400 metres from the location where it was assembled to the correct site over the A1 highway.

Sarens steered the huge steel bridge using 244 axle lines SPMT K2400-ST, 122 axle  lines on each side, which were spaced 220 meters apart.

The high forces due to the large size and weight of the bridge, and the large spacing between the two SPMT groups, made it challenging to design a sufficiently strong supporting structure.

 Moreover, the entire SPMT combination was controlled by a single operator. Both SPMT groups were linked together using a wireless data connection.

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