ESTA is the leading European association for the abnormal road transport and mobile crane rental industry.

International Crane Stakeholders Assembly [ICSA]

The initiative to establish the ICSA was taken by 6 organizations:

The ICSA’s role is to:

- Facilitate information sharing and meaningful dialogue between crane industry stakeholders on safety, technical and regulatory issues of concern to the International crane industry.

- Provide an environment for, and encourage the creation of, significant networking opportunities between industry stakeholders and promote consensus positions on behalf of the crane industry on issues of common concern, so that ICSA members can make representation to relevant regulatory and standardization bodies.

- Promote the harmonization of international standards

The meetings are held annually on a rotating schedule, usually linked to one of the major exhibitions. The users group and the manufacturers group meet separately in the morning followed by a joint meeting of both groups in the afternoon.

The last meeting was hosted by The Crane Industry Council of Australia [CICA] in Melbourne, Australia, on November 22nd 2018. ESTA was represented by Ton Klijn ESTA Director.

The next meeting will be in Munich on April 10th, 2019.

All ICSA technical documents developed with FEM can be found here

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