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ICSA holds its seventh meeting in Melbourne, Australia


30 October 2018

The latest meeting of the ICSA (International Crane Stakeholders Assembly) was hosted by the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA) on 22-23 October following CICA’s National Conference in Melbourne.

ICSA is a meeting of international associations representing the crane and rigging industry and crane manufacturers with the goal of sharing information, networking and the harmonisation of industry standards.

There were three separate meetings under the auspices of the ICSA: 

A meeting between organisations that represent Crane and Rigging Users (CICA - The Crane Industry Council of Australia; ESTA - the European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes; and SC&RA - the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association. 

A meeting between associations that represent Crane Manufacturers (AEM - Association of Equipment Manufacturers; FEM - European Materials Handling Federation; and guest organisation JCA – Japan Crane Association).

A joint  meeting of both ‘User’ and ‘Manufacturer’ associations

Subjects included:

An update and action towards a draft ICSA position paper on ground conditions - updating information on the transport and logistics of delivering large wind farm components onto site and the coordination of hardstand utilization

An update and action on a draft ICSA position paper on Cranes and Barges -  a review and update from feedback received

High Performance Fibre Rope development in which the impact on lifting charts and rigging convenience were weighed up against the cost, winch drum and sheave hardware complications and weight distributions issues

A summary of developments in crane standards - EN 13000, B30.5, and B30.30

The next ICSA meeting will be held in Munich during the 2019 BAUMA Trade Fair.

For further information about the Melbourne meeting, contact: Brandon Hitch, CEO, CICA, on 0061 (0) 428 228 048

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