ESTA is the leading European association for the abnormal road transport and mobile crane rental industry.

ESTA Awards - Judging Procedure

The ESTA Awards are overseen by 12 independent jurors who judge several categories in line with their expertise. Furthermore there are two chairmen – one crane- and one transport-related. The whole operation is overseen by the Jurors’ Coordinator.

Entries are submitted to ESTA’s office manager who passes them all to the Jurors’ Coordinator. The Juror’s Coordinator will then decide whether the entry should be accepted, refused or whether more information should be requested.

All accepted entries are converted into pdfs _ as most of the files sizes are very large –and put on a special secure website, accessible only to jury members from the day the judging process starts.

The jury members score the entries from 1 to 10 on an exel form, adding any comments, according to the four criteria set out in the rules and regulations. These are:

- Quality of the entry

- Complexity

- Problem solving

- Execution of the operation

The quality of the entry is of great importance. A clear description of the job/process is vital for the jury to get a picture of the quality of the entry.

On the basis of the scores submitted, a committee consisting of the two chairmen and the Juror Coordinator agrees a maximum of 4 finalists in each category, one of which will be the winner.

In case two or more entries finish equal, the jury committee decides on the ranking.

The decisions of the jurors and the jury committee are final    

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