2023 Awards winner & Finalists

Abnormal Transport Total mass > 120 t

WINNER: MTD Skuratowicz

For the transport of a Tunnel Boring Machine from Opole to Babica in Poland, only a route of 750 kilometer via Warsaw was feasible. This record project included a transport combination of 74 meters long with a weight of 500 tonnes, a unique bridge solution and dozens of abnormal transports.


To get a 150 tonne reactor and 195 tonne transformer from Shoreham Port to Ninfield Substation, a unique transport solution was developed, involving an overbridge construction and a tandem girder frame transport.

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FINALIST: Bolk Transport B.V.

In 2022 alone, 137 complete wind turbines were transported to the largest onshore windfarm in Europe, the Markbygden Wind Farm project in the north of Sweden. A clever logistic solution with various modalities was set up with inland barges, a Ro-Ro liner service and a large variety of heavy duty transport vehicles.   

FINALIST: Kuljetusliike Ville Silvasti Ltd

To assist in the recovery of the Ukrainian power infrastructure, a 176-tonne transformer was transported from Rzeszow in Poland to Ukraine. Severe winter conditions, a lack of snow shovels and air raid siren alarms were just some of the extreme challenges on this essential project.