2023 Awards winner & finalists

Combined Techniques

WINNER: Friderici Spécial SA

An extremely tight entry into the substation with only a few centimeters margin, an extreme slope of 15% and a very tight spot for the foundation setting operation: those were the major challenges to get a transformer of 74 tons from Regensburg, Germany, to its destination in Zürich, Switzerland.

FINALIST: Mammoet Europe B.V.

A used North Sea oil platform was transformed into a large piece of art called SEE MONSTER. It was successfully transported and installed in Weston-super-Mare, UK, using a combination of techniques: a weighing operation, a lifting operation by sheerleg, a barge transport, a beach landing and skidding operation, SPMT transport and a final lifting operation with a crawler crane.


An inventive tailor-made gantry system and a smart high capacity ballasting system have been developed to handle 71 Gravity Based Structures, each weighing 4,800 T, on behalf of the Fécamp Offshore Windfarm.

FINALIST: Wagenborg Nedlift BV

Removing an old bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Dortmund Ems canal presented a tricky challenge due to the structure of the bridge, a lack of suitable lifting points and the lack of a quayside.