International Crane Stakeholders Assembly [ICSA]

Members of the ICSA are the following associations:

  • Association of Equipment Manufacturers [AEM]
  • The Crane Industry Council of Australia [CICA]
  • Crane Rental Association of Canada (CRAC)
  • The European Association of Abnormal Road Transport & Mobile Cranes [ESTA]
  • European Federation of Material Handling [FEM]
  • Japan Crane Association [JCA]
  • Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association [SC&RA]

ICSA’s role
The ICSA’s role is to:

  • Facilitate information sharing and meaningful dialogue between crane industry stakeholders on safety, technical and regulatory issues of concern to the International crane industry.
  • Provide an environment for, and encourage the creation of, significant networking opportunities between industry stakeholders and promote consensus positions on behalf of the crane industry on issues of common concern, so that ICSA members can make representation to relevant regulatory and standardization bodies.
  • Promote the harmonization of international standards

The meetings are held annually on a rotating schedule, usually linked to one of the major exhibitions. The users group and the manufacturers group meet separately in the morning followed by a joint meeting of both groups in the afternoon.

ICSA in Las Vegas – March 2020

The most recent meeting – ICSA’s ninth – was held during the 2020 CONEXPO-CON/AGG exhibit in Las Vegas, USA, on Thursday, March 12, 2020. It was hosted jointly by the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association [SC&RA] and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers [AEM].  ESTA was represented by Ton Klijn, ESTA Director, and Jörg Senn, CEO of Senn AG. 

Topics discussed during the Joint meeting include:

  • Finalization and agreement to publish the latest guidance document titled “Mobile Crane Ground Preparation for Wind Farm Construction” which includes recommendations for the design and construction of access roads and working areas for mobile cranes used in wind farm applications.
  • Status of the ICSA guidance document related to the use of cranes on barges scheduled for completion in October 2020.
  • Agreement to collaborate on a new document that will provide guidance on the use of mobile cranes in pile driving/extraction applications.
  • A summary of developments to various crane standards – EN 13000, CSA Z150 and the B30 series of standards.

Provisionally The next ICSA meeting will be held in Adelaide, South Australia during the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA) conference in October, 2021.