2023 Awards Winner & Finalists

Telescopic cranes lifting capacity > 120 t


During the positioning of a 95 tons steel bridge, the crane setup changed from a single-lift to a tandem-lift while the lifting operation was in progress. This solution significantly reduced the required crane capacity and necessary crane position preparation. 

FINALIST: Friderici Spécial SA

While two cranes had a firm hold of a set of high-voltage cables that crossed Rhone river and various major roads, a 700 tons crane replaced the 72 meter high lattice mast in sections of 10-16 tons each.

FINALIST: Michielsens nv

For the replacement of a tank in the middle of a tank farm in Antwerp, an optimal balance was found between the weight, number of structural parts and the lifting solution to be implemented. In this case, setting up the 700-tonne mobile crane turned out to be a project in itself.

FINALIST: Wagenborg Nedlift B.V.

For the transhipment of three ultra-heavy coolers up to a weight of 657 tonnes, an inventive, safe and economic triple-lift solution was developed, using a unique combination of mobile, crawler and floating heavy lift equipment.