Best Practice Guide for Transportation and Installation of WTG Systems

The purpose of this Best Practice Guide is to establish minimum requirements for transport and lifting operations of onshore wind turbine installations by collecting existing and relevant industry guidance.

This document considers various aspects of transport and lifting operations, such as planning, inspection, maintenance and competency of personnel in order to minimize associated risks and with the aim of improving health and safety relating to transport and lifting operations during the construction of Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) plants.

The scope of this guideline is to provide stakeholders within the onshore wind industry with requirements and guidance for planning and undertaking transport and lifting operations related to WTG components.

Local legal requirements must always be considered and should any contradictions occur between this best practice guideline and the applicable local regulations, then local legislation shall take precedence. If, however, this guideline requires a higher standard than local legal requirements, then the guideline should be applied thereby positively contributing to the local requirements.