ESTA – EU Advocacy files 

ESTA has her own representation in Brussels to communicate with the EU Commission, the European Parliament members and the officials from the relevant ministries such as DG Move.

In order not to spread our efforts too thinly and to lobby as effectively as possible, we have classified a number of dossiers as most important for ESTA.

We follow these in detail and we try to exert our influence whenever an opportunity to do so arises in these dossiers.

A summary of these dossiers you will find here below:

  • Revision of the directive 96/53/EC on  ‘Weights and Dimensions’.
  • Revision of the ‘Combined Transport’ directive 96/106/EEC
  • The ‘Road Safety Package’ which includes, inter alia:
    –  Driving licence directive
    –  Cross Border exchange of Traffic offences  [ERRU register]
    –  Driving disqualifications.
  • The establishment of SSTPA’s [Safe and Secure Parking Area’s]
  • The establishment of a European Road Safety Agency.
  • The development of the Greenhouse gas emissions calculation method
  • The development of CO2 emission standards.
  • The Eurovignette directive EU 2022/362
  • The AFIR regulation [Regulation for the deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure]
  • The Euro 7 Regulation [EU] 2023/851