ESTA Meeting Dates

ESTA 2021 Autumn Meeting –  October 14th – 15th, Teams

To make the meeting as productive and understandable as possible the following rules apply:

  • Wait until your request to participate the meeting is approved [this could take some time, so please hold the line]
  • Set your microphone on mute but leave your camera on when entering and during the meeting 
  • If you wish to speak, click the hand- button in the chat function before setting your microphone on, mute again when finished
  • ESTA does appreciate your patience, as we most definitely encounter some technical difficulties, be aware it’s a work in progress  

Meeting Schedule
October 14th, ESTA Joint Cranes and Transport Meeting
Time: 14:00|16:00
For ESTA Ordinary Members, Special Members, Affiliated Companies and Supporters

October 15th, ESTA General Assembly meeting
Time: 13:00|15:00
For ESTA Ordinary Members, Special Members only

Registration is mandatory for this meeting.

ESTA 2021 Autumn Meeting –  October 14th – 15th, Finland [postponed]

The last few days we have been trying to see if we could move the venue to another country, but on such a short notice the chances this will succeed seem to be very limited. This means we will have to prepare ourselves for yet another ESTA meeting as an online event.

We will inform you about the details of such an event in the coming weeks, but we thought it was opportune to inform our members of the cancellation of the meeting as early as possible. 

Dear ESTA members ,

As you are aware we have planned to organise the ESTA autumn meeting as a physical event in Helsinki, Finland on October 14th and 15th. We have also decided to take the final decision on a go ahead for this meeting on August 31st .

Last week we were informed by our hosts in Finland (INFRA) that the Finnish government had issued new restrictions for meetings as a result of a new upsurge in COVID19 cases in the country.

This step by the Finnish government has prompted the INFRA board to inform us that they cannot host the meeting as planned. These events left us no other option than to cancel the ESTA autumn meeting in Helsinki.

That will give you a little more time to change the plans you might have made already. We are very sorry we have to bring you this news, as we were really looking forward to meeting all of you in person after such a long time.

However we will be looking forward to ‘meet’ al of you during the online meeting – hopefully for the last time.

If you like to receive more information regarding the meetings or wish to participate,
please contact :