André Friderici to step down as ESTA’s Section Transport President

ESTA members are being asked for nominations for the position of Section Transport President when current postholder André Friderici steps down in the autumn.

André Friderici – technical director of Swiss heavy transport and lifting company Friderici Spécial – is planning to retire from the ESTA position after more than a decade at the helm of the transport section, during which time ESTA’s influence and reputation has grown significantly.

The decision on who will replace him will be taken at ESTA’s General Assembly meeting in Rome in October.

The Rome meeting will also decide who will succeed Jens Enggaard as ESTA Treasurer. Enggaard has said he will not stand for re-election when his term ends, although he will remain on the Board as he has been re-appointed to the position of Section Cranes Vice President, a position he held alongside his role as Treasurer.

The ESTA Board has proposed Rainer Sasse, CEO of Luxtrailers SARL and a current board member, as the new Treasurer. The final decision will also be taken by the ESTA General Assembly in the autumn.