Danish abnormal transport permits – new regulations update

The issuing of abnormal transport permits in Denmark was transferred from the Police to the Danish Road Directorate on October 1. Applications must be made via an electronic application form. Overseas applicants can apply for an abnormal transport permit in either German or English.

On the website of the Danish Vejdirektoratet you will find the following text:
If you need a permit for a special transport, or if you are applying on the behalf of another transporter, as per October 1, 2021 you must apply for a permit at the Danish Road Directorate.

For the application form use the button below:

For the link for foreign applicants use the button below:

There was some confusion as the Danish website mentions a “NemID” that would be required to apply for a permit.
We have now received the following statement from the Danish authorities:
A NemID is only required for Danish applicants and therefore foreign companies are in fact excluded from this rule although it may not be stated directly. So whenever an application is made by a foreign applicant you simply use the English or German application form and all will be fine.