ESTA joins ESPORG to boost campaign for improved abnormal transport parking facilities

ESTA has been accepted as an associate member of ESPORG, the European Secure Parking Organisation representing all parties interested in safe and secure truck parking.

ESPORG’s members include parking area operators, transport and logistics companies, shippers and drivers’ representatives.

ESTA Director Ton Klijn said: “The move is the latest example of ESTA’s intention to work more closely with organisations that share common goals in an attempt to further increase our influence and contacts.

“Specifically, we hope that through ESPORG, we can ensure that European authorities and the parking area operators pay much more attention to the requirements of abnormal and heavy transports than has been the case to date.”

As a first step, ESTA will give a presentation at an ESPORG workshop in Rome in October, and ESPORG will also organise an online meeting at which ESTA will be able to discuss the issues facing its members.

Ton Klijn added: “ESTA would be grateful to receive any recent examples of parking issues to underline the difficulties faced by abnormal transports. All such information helps the parking operators and authorities understand the realities of the situation on the ground.”

ESPORG was one of a number of European transport and business organisations that recently wrote an open letter to the European Commission and the European Parliament calling for the creation of 100,000 safe and secure parking areas across Europe – a measure that the organisation said is crucial to help overcome the growing number of driver shortages.

Further information: have a look at the website of ESPORG.