ESTA joins IRU to boost Brussels influence

ESTA has joined the IRU – the international road transport industry association – as an affiliate member in a move to increase the organisation’s profile and influence with the European Commission and international road transport authorities. 

Along with ESTA and Dutch association TLN, the IRU was instrumental in obtaining European Commission support to resolve the dispute with Spain last year after the country tried to enforce new regulations that discriminated against international hauliers. 

Explaining the decision, ESTA Director Ton Klijn said: “Our clear goal is to get exceptional transport much higher up the agenda of the relevant authorities, and the IRU can help us do that.

“The IRU is a highly professional lobbying organization and by joining them, ESTA will have much more clout than we could have on our own.”

The IRU’s global headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland, and has offices worldwide, including in Brussels, Beijing, Moscow and Istanbul.