ESTA Newsflash : ELA information on rules for posting of drivers

The European Labour Authority (ELA) has published two information leaflets for drivers and operators in the road transport sector on the “posting of drivers” and “driving and rest time rules”.

The first leaflet “Posted drivers – know your rights and obligations” – here – explains when a driver is posted and when not, and provides information on what kind of information a driver will need to show an inspector in the event of a roadside check.

The second leaflet “Driving and Resting Time Rules” – here – describes the rules regarding the daily and weekly rest periods. It also covers the daily, weekly and fortnightly driving time rules and the rules regarding breaks.

In addition, the leaflet touches upon the situation when a driver is accompanying a vehicle transported by a ferry or a train as well as the passenger transport ’12-day rule’ and more.

Both leaflets are published as part of ELA’s Framework for Action in road transport for 2022. The leaflets will be made available in print and web version in all EU languages and will be widely used in the Member States during road transport inspections and information activities.
Source: ELA