ESTA Newsflash: Germany’s permitting rules update

STOP PRESS: ESTA members requested to report problems with new permitting rules in Germany

We have learned from ESTA’s German member organization BSK that they have taken the initiative to try and convince the German authorities to adapt their new abnormal transport permitting rules.

The changes BSK is calling for include new regulations on the maximum permitted deviation for the weight and dimensions of a transport and the cost structure for issuing permits.

As a result, BSK is looking for reports of problems that have occurred during abnormal transport and carriers of all ESTA members driving in Germany are asked to report incidents caused by the new rules.

What are the specific problems?

Based on the new regulations in Germany, from November 2021 onwards, the weights and axle loads for exceptional transports may deviate by a maximum of 5%.

From the same date, a margin of maximum 15 cm downwards is allowed for all transport dimensions. Transports with a permit for 40m in length may therefore take place from an actual length of 39.85m.

In case of a shorter length, a new permit must be requested – an impossible provision that causes many problems.

A BSK working group will try to improve this rule and working groups have also been set up aimed at making the VEMAGS system more user-friendly and to adjust the permit cost structure.

Abnormal transport companies who have had problems in Germany with the new provisions or who have other suggestions or comments are requested to report these to the ESTA Director at: . We will pass this information on to the BSK.