ESTA Newsflash: 57-hour closure of the A7 in Germany for the demolition of the Behringstraße bridge

Germany’s central motorway authority Die Autobahn des Bundes has announced the full, temporary closure of the A7 at the end of March, for the demolition of the second half of the Behringstraße bridge near Hamburg.

From Friday, March 24 at 1900 until Friday March 27 at 05:00the A 7 will be completely closed between AS HH-Heimfeld and AS HH-Volkspark.

The ramp closures at the HH-Volkspark, HH-Othmarschen, HH-Waltershof and HH-Hausbruch and HH-Heimfeld junctions will begin on Friday, 24 March starting at 18:00 and will take place gradually.

Large-capacity and heavy-duty transports must bypass this A7 full closure as it is not possible to drive through in both directions.

Source: Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes