ICSA developing two new position papers

The International Crane Stakeholders Assembly is working on two new position papers – on the transport and erection of large wind farm components and the use of cranes on barges.

The latest meetings of the user and manufacturer groups that make up the ICSA took place in Melbourne late last year with experts from Australia, Europe, Japan and the USA.

Delegates also discussed the impact of High Performance Fibre Rope on lifting charts and debated the cost, winch drum and sheave hardware complications along with weight distribution issues that will arise in crane design .

In addition, the meeting also heard about the latest development to crane standards EN13000, B30.5 and B30.30.

The organisations that attended the ICSA meeting were ESTA, Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, Crane Industry Council of Australia, European Materials Handling Federation, Association of Equipment Manufacturers and a delegation from the Japan Crane Association.