Mammoet’s Wouter van Noort confirmed as ESTA’s new Section Cranes President

Mammoet Europe Managing Director Wouter van Noort has joined the ESTA Board as the new representative of the Dutch crane association VVT and has been confined as the new president of the ESTA Section Cranes. 

The board decision was ratified by the ESTA General Assembly meeting in Paris in April. 

Wouter van Noort succeeded Sander Splinter as Mammoet Europe Managing Director at the end of last year after Splinter resigned to become Managing Director of ERIKS Nederland, the mechanical engineering and technical services firm. Like Mammoet, ERIKS is a subsidiary of SHV, the privately-owned Dutch trading conglomerate. Splinter’s resignation meant he was no longer eligible to sit on ESTA’s board representing VVT or to serve as President of the Section Cranes.

Current Vice President of the Section Cranes is Alexandre Vernazza, President of Group Mediaco in France. He declined to become Section Cranes President for this term of office due to his workload. He has only recently taken over the ESTA Vice President’s role and has also agreed to become the new President of the French crane association, Union Francaise du Levage (UFL).