More free content in ESTA’s library

Two new documents have recently been lodged in ESTA’s new online library and are available for free download. They are ICSA Guidance N004 Mobile Crane Ground Preparation for Wind Farm Construction and Aeroflex and the future of sustainable road transport – an ESTA briefing.

Earlier this year, ESTA created a Library section in its new website containing a series of free detailed briefing documents and reports on current subjects important to the crane and heavy transport industries.

Other documents so far available include:
• European Crane Operators Licence; an ESTA Briefing (in English and German)
• Transport and Installation of Onshore WTG Systems; an ESTA Best Practice Guide
• Enforcement of the European Register of Road Transport Undertakings (ERRU) rules; an ESTA Briefing
• Self-Propelled Modular Transporters; an ESTA Best Practice Guide
• Leaving mobile cranes unattended in [partially] erected mode; ICSA Guidance N001
• Lifting a load with several mobile cranes [multiple crane or tandem lifting]; ICSA Guidance N002
• Lifting of persons with mobile cranes; ICSA Guidance N003