More new members for ESTA

ESTA has announced that it has accepted three new members – two affiliates and one supporter.

The two affiliate members are ASA France and Greiner Heavy Engineering.

ASA France are project cargo and resource management experts. The company says that by implementing aeronautical principles into other industries, it aims to reduce waste from processes, enhance performance and install sustainability.

German heavy engineering company Greiner was formed in 1980 and has two plants in Neuenstein in northern W├╝rttemberg. The company develops, designs, and produces custom-built transport, assembly, and special-purpose systems, using state-of-the-art design technology and production methods, working with customers world-wide.

The new ESTA Supporter is exceptional transport and lifting company Kleinveld, based in the Netherlands. Kleinveld carries out engineering, maintenance and assembly work and its customers work in the energy, transport, machine building, construction and infrastructure sectors. It also offers rental of various equipment and professionals.