New ESTA health and safety commission created

ESTA’s General Assembly – the organisation’s representative ruling body – has backed plans to create a permanent health and safety commission to promote best practice and lobby for legislative improvements on an ongoing basis.

Fabio Belli, ESTA President and CEO of Italian heavy transport and lifting specialist Fagioli, said that the group will promote a culture of risk prevention and pan-European coordination and harmonisation of health and safety regulations.

He added: “The commission will be promoting discussions between ESTA and the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work in order to make the European lifting and heavy transport industry safer, healthier and more productive.

“This will benefit everyone – employees, businesses and governments.”

The first four members of the commission to date are Gerard Bastiaansen, Managing Director of Wagenborg Nedlift; Blanca Claeyssens, Managing Director of ASA France; Moreno Massetti, Fagioli Heavy Transport Division Director; and Iffet Türken, Board Member of Kässbohrer.