New parking time restrictions in force in Slovenia

DARS, the entity in charge of the construction, management and maintenance of motorways and expressways in Slovenia informs that a new Road Traffic Rules Act is entering into force.

This act will regulate the parking of vehicles at motorway and expressway rest areas. 

Buses and heavy goods vehicles over 3,500 kg may park in marked parking spaces for up to 25 hours.

After this time, drivers must remove their vehicles from the rest area. 

A fine of €300 applies for drivers who are caught overstaying, while the person legally responsible for the truck will be fined €1,000.

Drivers must mark the starting date and time immediately after parking their vehicle by setting a parking disc. A fine of €150 applies to those that fail to do so.

If goods vehicle traffic is prohibited by an order restricting road traffic for more than 25 hours, parking is allowed for the duration of this road traffic restriction.

Compliance with these parking regulations is supervised by toll supervisors.

An information leaflet detailing the new rules cab be found here.

Source: DARS/IRU