Spider crane manufacturer Hoeflon joins ESTA

Dutch spider crane manufacturer Hoeflon is the latest company to join ESTA as an affiliate member.

Based in Barneveld in the Netherlands, Hoeflon designs, builds and sells spider cranes variously known as compact cranes, mini-cranes or mini-crawlers.

Due to the cranes’ manoeuvrability, they can be used in tight spaces and in places that are difficult to access.

The company built and delivered its first spider crane in 2006. It has been growing steadily ever since and thanks to the growing demand for its equipment, it moved to new premises in 2017. Today, Hoeflon has a dealer network of almost 25 companies in 20 countries.

At the time of writing, ESTA has 93 national association and special members, affiliate members and supporters from 25 countries.

Hoeflon’s commercial manager David Fokker receives ESTA membership certificate from Connie Lindhoud, ESTA Marketing Officer