Top roads body backs ESTA’s transport corridors call

International road transport association IRU is throwing its weight behind ESTA’s call for a network of abnormal road transport corridors to be created across Europe. ESTA has been arguing that such a policy could be coordinated with recent similar calls from NATO on behalf of Europe’s armed forces. 

The IRU was asked for comments by the European Commission on the proposed Action Plan on Military Mobility, and the IRU in turn asked ESTA for its input. 

ESTA’s response was accepted in full by the IRU who submitted it to the European Commission.

ESTA joined the IRU last year as an affiliate member in a move to increase the organisation’s profile and influence with the European Commission and international road transport authorities. 

ESTA Director Ton Klijn said: “We are grateful for support our concerns have received to date from the IRU and we hope that the European Commission takes this opportunity to improve the situation not just for the military, but for abnormal road transport generally.”

He added: “Recent events have also made the clear the value to ESTA of being part of an organisation like the IRU.”