Transport added to Brussels wind safety project

The European Commission’s Wind Harmony project – created to improve safety in Europe’s burgeoning wind energy sector – has agreed to include transportation in the study in response to a request from ESTA.

Transport issues had previously been excluded as the consultants working on it feared that the project would become too wide-ranging.  But following a request from ESTA Director Ton Klijn, the project will now cover on-site transportation and access, although it will still exclude issues such as permitting on main highways.

Ton Klijn said: “We are very pleased at this outcome and the positive response we received from the consultants working on the project to our lobbying. ESTA will be pleased to support it in any way we can.”

The Wind Harmony project will also take into account the work being carried out by the ESTA working ground on safety during the erection and transport of on-shore wind turbines (see below).