ESTA support for Turkish heavy transport association

ESTA has written to Turkish member AND – the Turkish Heavy Transport Association – in support of AND’s attempts to persuade the Turkish authorities to reform the country’s heavy transport regulations. AND hopes that Turkey will adopt similar regulations to those currently in force in Germany and the Netherlands. In his letter of support, ESTA … Read more

Debate on heavy transport corridors stalls

Joint work by ESTA and the IRU – the International Road Transport Union – to lobby for the creation of European heavy transport corridors that can be used for both military and non-military purposes looks close to success. The 1.5 billion euro proposal is contained in the budget for the 2021-27 budget for the CEF … Read more

New transport regulations approved by Brussels

European transport companies will have to deal with new rules for driving and rest times, cabotage, secondment and the introduction of the smart tachograph 2 after the European Parliament approved a new range of Mobility Package proposals on July 9. The new regulations for driving and rest times will take effect first, in September this … Read more