2024 Awards Finalists

Abnormal Transport Total mass ≤120 t

WINNER: Heavy Load Service (HLS) B.V.

It took the experts at Heavy Load Service 6 months to arrange the transport of 2 gigantic tanks with a diameter of 5.5 meters from Hengelo in the Netherlands to the French village of Golbey. This involved 140 kilometers of road transport through rural France and the approval of five different electricity companies to lift dozens of overhead lines.

FINALIST: Collett & Sons Ltd

Collett played a key role in the transport of components for eight wind turbines to the Drumlins Park wind farm in Ireland. In addition to route surveys, visual route inspections and many meetings, Collett’s experts carried out a trial run with a load replicating the dimensions of the blades to identify potential challenges along the transport route.

FINALIST: MJ van Riel B.V.

Transporting an arched bridge section 47 metres long, 6.20 metres wide and weighing 115 tonnes from Hamont-Achel to Liège in Belgium, Van Riel’s team managed to complete this extraordinary 121 kilometre challenge in one night.

FINALIST: Vlk s.r.o.

Ongoing permit problems in Germany prompted Czech transport specialist Vlk to transport the superstructure of a CAT 390 excavator by water rather than by road. From Haaften in the Netherlands, the journey took a detour via Antwerp and Gdynia in Poland to Prunéřov in the Czech Republic.