New members – an introduction

Luxembourg membership first for ESTA

March 2022

Luxembourg-based Luxtrailers has joined ESTA as a special member, the first time that the country has been represented in ESTA.

Fibremax joins ESTA’s growing list of affiliates

March 2022

Since 2009, FibreMax has been the producer of lightweight precision synthetic cables in Joure, the Netherlands by using a one-of-a-kind production process.

All cables are produced with the endless winding technology, an automated process of continuous winding of parallel strands of fibres around two end fittings until the right cables’ strength or required cable EA has been reached.

After programming the required length, the endless winding robot (EWR) computer calculates the fibres and the number of loops required for the specified cable. During the winding process, the EWR maintains an equal tension in all fibres with an accuracy of 0,1 per cent. This equal tension means the cables have a high break load, low stretch, and the lowest diameter possible.

Engineering consultancy Becht joins ESTA

February 2022

Becht, an engineering consulting firm, is the latest company to join ESTA as an affiliate member. Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, it has offices across the USA as well as in Canada, Latin America and the Netherlands, allowing it to partner and support clients with a particular focus on major energy and industrial projects.

Prangl joins ESTA as an affiliate member

February 2022

Austrian transport, lifting and logistics company Prangl was formed more than 50 years ago. Today the Vienna-headquartered company has a strong presence across Europe with 16 locations in six countries and a total of nearly 700 employees.

CLP joins ESTA as affiliate member

August 2021

Italian precision engineering specialist CLP is the latest company to join ESTA as an affiliate member.

The company’s area of specialist work includes the design and production of lifting and rigging equipment such as hydraulic gantry systems, skidding systems and various accessories. It can design and build machines from 60 tons capacity up to 1,000 tons and customized lifting equipment according to a customer’s requirements and suggestions.

Headquartered in Northern Italy south of Turin, CLP was founded in 1973 and has grown steadily thanks to careful investment in new technologies.

ANT Dynamics becomes affiliate member

July 2021

Qatar-based ANT Dynamics is the latest company to join ESTA as an affiliate member.

Ant Dynamics provides engineering services to contractors and clients related to their lifting operations, such as the development of lifting plans and providing ground bearing pressure calculations. It also can provide transport arrangement drawings in 3D.

In addition, the company is the agents of CRANIMAX in the MENA region. CRANIMAX is a company that develops software that assists in selecting the correct crane models for carrying out specific lifts. CRANIMAX’s latest software is called CRANEbee. 

Laso Transportes becomes special member

January 2021

Laso Transportes from Portugal has joined ESTA and has been accepted as a Special Member. The company was established in May 2007 following the merger of the two leading Portuguese special transport companies.

Laso Transportes is especially focussed on the execution of special transports including cargo handling, management and engineering projects.