About ESTA

ESTA – the European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes – was founded in 1976 and since then has grown steadily.

Today, we have active members in 25 countries and have established very close ties with the equipment manufacturers who supply the heavy transport and mobile crane industries, giving ESTA members the opportunity to voice ideas on future developments and technical issues.

ESTA works to:

– Promote safer ways of working
– Harmonise equipment travel rules and general conditions of work
– Reduce permit delays for abnormal road transport throughout Europe
– Continually improve equipment to create a safer working environment, alongside the manufacturers
– Enhance the quality of service provided to clients
– Create opportunities for ESTA’s members to exchange information, allowing them to work together all over Europe
– Continuously improve the image of the sector

In addition, when there are new issues of particular importance, ESTA creates working groups to investigate and produce recommendations

Current work includes:
– Promoting best practice during the transport and installation of onshore WTG Systems
– Developing a common European Crane Operators Licence
– Campaigning for harmonized marking and lighting standards for heavy transport and abnormal loads
– Guidance on the use of cranes on barges
– Promoting ESTA’s best practice for the stability and operation of SPMT and modular trailers.

More details about our members, our policies and the activities of our working groups can be found elsewhere on this website.