2024 Awards Finalists

Abnormal Transport Total mass > 120 t

WINNER: Kahl & Jansen GmbH

On its way from Ibbenbüren to Niederaussem in Germany, a 350 tonne generator crossed several bridges with a maximum permitted axle load of 14 tonnes. The transport specialists at Kahl & Jansen used a transport combination of 2 x 26 axle lines and a G2|K600 girder bridge, resulting in a gross combination weight of 798 tonnes.


Although abnormal loads had previously been transported from Buckie Harbour to a site near Rothienorman Substation in Scotland, the dimensions of a 158 tonne transformer and 352 tonne generator were significantly larger than previous loads. Allelys faced the challenge of designing a safe and viable route to transport these components, breaking the record for the heaviest cargo ever transported to Rothienorman Substation.

FINALIST: Collett & Sons Ltd

Collett & Sons successfully completed the transportation of two main inlet valves (MIVs) of 160 tonnes each and two MIVs of 147 tonnes each as part of the Dinorwig Hydro-Power station essential upgrade scheme. Faced with the challenge of a long exit tunnel with a gradient of 10% inside the mountain, Collett implemented a double-headed approach using to 8×4 heavy tractor units to pull the valves up the tunnel.  

FINALIST: Friderici Spécial SA

Seven years ago, the first feasibility studies were undertaken for the transport of a 120 tonne transformer to the Swiss village of Ernen, located on a mountain road beneath the Rhone glacier. In September 2023, Frederici’s experts managed to safely carry out this extraordinary transport job with a total transport weight of 274 tonnes, including challenging road conditions with a gradient of more than 10% and 180-degree hairpin bends.