Emission Calculation Tool – free trial

All ESTA Members and Supporters can apply for a 3 months free access period to test the ‘Emission Calculation Tool’ developed by Emission Insight.

Discover the deal with Emission Insight

Emission Insight has a great deal in store for you. Sign up and enjoy the many benefits this partnership offers. Grow your business, save time and money, and improve the sustainability of your fleet.

Free access to the Emission Insight Dashboard

Sign up via our registration form and receive an exclusive ESTA access code. This code will give you 3 months of free access to the Emission Insight Dashboard. The dashboard helps you calculate your fleet’s carbon dioxide [CO2], nitrogen [NOx] and particulate matter [PM] emissions on a project-by-project basis. Moreover, you can compare the optimal deployment of machines and apply effective emission reduction strategies. You also gain insight into the impact of purchasing new machines.

Thanks to the Emission Insight Dashboard, you can save considerable time and costs. It streamlines and speeds up the process of analysing and monitoring your fleet’s emissions, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Sustainability and compliance

The Emission Insight Dashboard helps you not only reduce your company’s carbon footprint, but also comply with environmental legislation and standards. Keeping accurate emissions data makes it easier to report to regulators and pass any audits. Moreover, you contribute to a better environment by actively working to reduce your fleet’s emissions. Finally, the Emission Insight Calculation Model has been validated by an independent research company. Read about the impact of CSRD on crane rental companies and how Emission Insight can be a great tool.


Benefit from discount and future-proofing

After the free 3-month access with your ESTA code, you will receive an attractive discount on a subscription to the Emission Insight Dashboard. Make use of this unique opportunity and invest in a sustainable future for your company and your fleet. The Emission Insight Dashboard helps you to be prepared for future changes in emissions laws and regulations, so you can anticipate and comply with new requirements. Sign up today and enjoy the many benefits!

In order to test the Emission Calculator you will first need to sign up for your own account with a unique trial access code. Use the form below to apply for this free trial access code.

[If you don’t know or can’t find your ESTA member number, please contact Caroline van Geest at: officemanager@estaeurope.eu]