2024 Awards Finalists



BKV has developed the TensionMaster, a tool that is designed to eliminate the risks of hoist rope damage, shock loading of the crane and potential damage to the lifted object by incorporating a tensioning system in the N/F jib head section. This system allows adjustable tension in the hoist rope between the jib and the main winch to ensure a consistently strong rope arrangement on the winch drum, eliminating the problem of slippage between layers. 

FINALIST: Fagioli S.p.A

An innovative lifting solution consisting of an ingenious combination of SPMTs, barges and strandjacks was used by Fagioli to install bridge sections of a 305 metre long suspension bridge over the Danube river on the A26 motorway in Linz, Austria.

FINALIST: Huisman Equipment B.V.

The all-electric, road-transportable Huisman Ringer Crane excels in onshore, offshore and floating wind installations, boosting the energy transition with its impressive capacity, large lifting height, low ground pressure and fast operation due to its modular design. The complete design, fabrication, transport, erection and load testing was completed in just 23 months.

FINALIST: Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH

Liebherr’s engineers took on the challenge of finding a fast, safe and simple solution for the space-saving assembly of a luffing jib. To achieve this, they designed a new, additional lattice section that incorporates the hinge function, the NK intermediate section. The new system means that, on average, 30 percent less space is required on site to assemble a luffing jib.