November 11, 2022: Commission work 2023 programme. A union standing firm and united.Communication from the commission to the European parliament, the council, the European economic and social committee, and the committee of the regions. Download here

February, 2022: ESTA Position Paper on proposed Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs)
download here 

February, 2022: ESTA Position paper on:  Feedback regarding a proposal for a directive revision regulating weights and dimensions of commercial vehicles. Download here 

February, 2022: ESTA Briefing on the Mobility Package, a package of European laws and regulations for the transport sector.
This briefing listed the most important changes and their implications for road transport for member and supporters only

December 2021: ESTA Briefing update on the enforcement of the ERRU policy rules here 

A guide to the European Crane Operators Licence [ECOL]
download here 

Best Practice Guide for the Transport and Installation of Onshore WTG,
download here

ICSA Guidance N001 – Leaving mobile cranes unattended in [partially] erected mode,
download here

ICSA Guidance N003 – Lifting of persons with Mobile Cranes, download here

ICSA Guidance N005 – Working with Land-based Mobile Cranes on Floating Vessels, download here

ESTA Annual review 2019, download here

December 20, 2022:
ESTA Annual Review 2022, download here

ESTA NEWSFLASH – August 2, 2022 ELA announces important transport-specific training session on new rules and operation of ERRU. Download here

Febrero 2022
Respuesta a la solicitud de información sobre la SSTPA Áreas de estacionamiento de camiones seguras y protegidas. Descarga Aquí

Febrero 2022
Comentarios sobre una propuesta de revisión de la directiva que regula los pesos y las dimensiones de los vehículos comerciales. Descarga Aaquí

October, 2021: ESTA Briefing on the
Aeroflex project and the future of sustainable road transport here

Best Practice Guide for Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT), download’s.

Available in:

Leitfaden zur Europäischen Kranführerlizenz [ECOL]
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April 17, 2021: ESTA Briefing on the enforcement of the ERRU policy rules here 

ICSA Guidance N002 – Lifting A Load With Several Mobile Cranes [Multiple Crane or Tandem Lifting],
download here

ICSA Guidance N004 Mobile Crane Ground Preparation for Wind Farm Construction
download here

ICSA Guidance N006 – using Mobile cranes with freely suspended equipment for pile driving|extraction, download here