Affiliated Company

The following types of company are eligible to become ESTA Affiliates:

  • Manufacturers of transport equipment
  • Manufacturers of mobile cranes and lifting gear
  • Manufacturers of truck mounted access platforms
  • Companies active in abnormal transport or heavy lifting
  • Principals that require heavy lifts or transports on their premises
  • Service companies to the heavy lift and abnormal transport industry
  • Governmental bodies active in the abnormal road transport and cranage sector

The benefits of becoming an ESTA Affiliate are as follows:

  • Contact with board members and staff of national associations representing more than 2000 specialised companies
  • Participation in the ESTA Section Cranes or ESTA Section Transport
  • Participation in the ESTA Working Groups
  • Access to participate in the ESTA Awards competition
  • The right to use the ESTA logo on their companies’ letterhead
  • ESTA Newsletter

Affiliated Companies fees:

  • Affiliated Companies : Employees <100 € 2.100,00
  • Affiliated Companies : Employees >100 € 4.200,00