Crane risk management work aiming for Spring publication

ESTA is aiming for its work on crane risk management to be completed early next year with a report published in the Spring.

The ESTA crane risk management working group is planning to produce new guidelines to help companies assess the risks involved in different types of work and give them advice on how to protect themselves using properly drafted terms and conditions.

The work will especially be aimed at smaller companies but is also expected to contain information for clients to help them manage projects safely and ensure that they give accurate and relevant information to their suppliers.

ESTA Director Ton Klijn said: “Our approach will be to focus on certain key risks and to steer users towards other reliable sources of information. We will not be replicating work already carried out by other organisations but aim to act as a focal point for the available best practice.”

Apart from ESTA Director Ton Klijn, the group includes Marcel Schets, SHEQ manager at Mammoet; Joe Collins, heavy lift manager with Becht Engineering; Norbert van Schaik, senior lifting specialist with Siemens Gamesa and Blanca Claeyssens, Managing Director of ASA France.