Denmark starts debate about ECOL-style common EMS licence

Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and the Danish Transport Training Board (TUR) have asked ESTA to investigate the possibility of creating a common European licencing system for drivers of European Modular System (EMS) type 1 vehicles.

Supporters believe that creating a common licence similar to ESTA’s European Crane Operators Licence (ECOL) would raise standards, increase safety and make cross border trade much more efficient.

At present, the standards and laws vary greatly from country to country, which means that transports usually need a locally qualified driver for each country they pass through.

In a letter to ESTA, DI Senior Advisor Morten Bøjesen wrote: “The current challenge pertains to the absence of a European certification or regulation that permits the cross-border movement of these vehicles.

“Some EU countries have no applicable laws, while others have numerous restrictions.

“TUR and DI respectfully request that ESTA examines the viability of establishing a licence similar to the European Crane Operator Licence (ECOL) , which would enable drivers of EMS Type 1 vehicles to traverse borders within the EU.”

He added: “While we recognize that this task may prove to be challenging, we have faith in ESTA’s expertise and established success in creating the ECOL licence, and believe that the organization is well-positioned to take the necessary next steps.”

ESTA Director Ton Klijn has said the association will consider the request and then send its recommendations on to the ECOL supervisory board to decide on the next steps.