ESTA to increase standards work

ESTA is planning to increase its involvement in the on-going work of developing European standards for mobile cranes.

ESTA Director Ton Klijn has been appointed to the lifting appliances committee NEN 345002 “Hijswerktuigen” of the Dutch standards institute (NEN). Through this role, Klijn will be able to sit on behalf of ESTA on the European standards committee CEN/TC 147, alongside the major crane manufacturers and regulatory authorities.

The CEN/TC 147 committee works on the development and maintenance of safety standards affecting the design, manufacture and information relating to cranes. This means ESTA will have a voice in determining new norms for the construction of mobile cranes according to the European standard EN 13000. Previously, ESTA could only attend the meetings as an observer. 

CEN – the European Committee for Standardization – has thirty four national members who work together across different industrial sectors to develop European standards to support the single market.