President calls for action on red tape and permits

ESTA President David Collett has launched a new attack on unnecessary red tape that is damaging both ESTA’s members and wider European industry. 

Speaking at the recent Breakbulk exhibition in Bremen,  he called for the adoption of common, Europe-wide the rules governing escort vehicles; harmonized marking and lighting regulations; and an agreed EU system of online permitting.

He also called on the European authorities to set up a pilot project between two major ports to trial a proposed heavy transport corridor policy. And he again urged transport authorities across Europe to adopt the Special European Registration for Trucks and Trailers (SERT). 

But Collett added: “Perhaps what our industry needs more than anything else is for the permitting and transport authorities to talk to each other on a regular basis. I am sure that debating common problems and spreading best practice would be good for the authorities themselves.

“If there is some way that ESTA could help facilitate such meetings, we would be only too glad to help.”