Van Noort warns on future skills shortages

Wouter van Noort

Wouter van Noort, ESTA’s Section Cranes President and European Managing Director for Mammoet, has warned the crane industry of the long-term dangers of losing skilled employees during the Covid19 crisis.

He made a strongly-worded plea during the recent joint meeting of ESTA’s transport and crane sections. He said: “As the crane industry, we are of course largely dependent on what our clients are producing or building. As a result of the crisis and the subsequent lack of production, the understandable reflex of many companies is to do whatever they can to cut costs.

“But good entrepreneurship requires us to look further than the present month or even year and we should bear in mind that before the pandemic crisis a shortage of personnel was looming that will quickly return after the current health issues have been resolved.”

He continued: “Saying goodbye to well-trained and experienced employees may look a sensible action now but could be dearly regretted in the future.”