Turkey’s AND joins ESTA

Turkish heavy transport Association AND has become an ESTA member in a move that will further strengthen international cooperation and help to raise standards in an important and developing market. AND was formed at the end of 2016 by13 companies. Today, it has 73 members who work exclusively in the heavy haulage and abnormal transport sector. 

Selcuk Gormezoglu, President of AND – Ağır Nakliyeciler Derneği – explained: “In the past 10 years, our sector has expanded rapidly and this growth has made it necessary to bring companies under one roof to deal with common problems and issues, and to develop solutions, both nationally and internationally.”

AND’s priorities include lobbying the authorities to update and amend Turkey’s road traffic regulations, both to take account of new technologies and where possible to bring them into line with European standards.  The organisation is also focussing on the standard of contracts as well as improving professional competence and training for drivers using escort vehicles.